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Ekosistemi i komunikim-Informimit Mjedisor

“Ecosystem of Communication and Environmental Information” (ECIM)

“Ecosystem of Communication and Environmental Information” (ECIM), May – December 2013, financially supported by REC in the frame of the SENiOR-A program. With all the developments and achievements in Albania the public information and awareness on the environmental field is still on modest level. Although the media information on environmental issues is increasing, in some cases there is a political and biased treatment which requires support and training in environmental journalism. On the other hand citizens have less information and knowledge in environmental problems in general and in hazardous chemicals and energy efficiency in particularly. Therefore, Milieukontakt Albania part of the network “ECIM”, has conducted some awareness and informative activities with different key actors of the civil society.

Project aims and objectives

Creating an Ecosystem of Communication and Environmental Information including the public, businesses, interest groups, politicians, decision makers, so that the information becomes a real tool to understand the importance of environmental issues, to lead the decision makers toward the solutions and to promote the economic sustainable development and social welfare.

Main objectives are:

  1. Pointing out public information level through the surveys conducted on: a) potential risks by the presence of various chemicals in products that people use in everyday life; b) on energy efficiency in our country;
  2. Awareness and information of public, citizens, students, traders on: a) the risk of uncontrolled use of products and detergents can result very dangerous to health and to the environment; b) energy efficiency (sources and types) and how to use it efficiently, its advantages not only for environment but also for economy.

The activities besides pointing out the information level aimed to provide more and complete information on the risks presented from the hazards chemicals in our lives and to rise the energy efficiency in our homes.

The ECIM network is leaded from Ekolevizja Center and the partners are:

•           Milieukontakt Albania

•           AJMMI Sarande

•           “Egnatia” Librazhd

•           “Ekomjedisi” Durrës

•           “Together for Life”.

 Teksi eshte pergatitur nga Milieukontakt Albania.

Financuar ne kuader te programit:




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